Our Educational Philosophy

At MACS, education is our first priority. We believe that every child can succeed in the classroom and in life, and work hard to ensure that all of our students receive a strong educational foundation.

  • Rigorous academics. The MACS curriculum is carefully aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards and Common Core Standards, and emphasizes mastery of key academic subjects. Our experienced teachers are trained in many teaching strategies, including Questioning the Author, Text Talk and Writing Workshop.
  • Hands-on learning. MACS teachers bring lessons to life with creative activities that inspire and educate. Whether it’s participating in a mock trial presentation in a downtown courtroom, identifying phases of the moon with Oreo cookies, or doing yoga to understand principles of geometry, our students learn by engaging and exploring.
  • Family involvement. MACS recognizes the important role that family plays in a child’s education. We provide many opportunities for parents and others to get involved in school life, from PTO fundraisers to classroom volunteering to monthly Family Nights. MACS Family Nights are special monthly get-togethers, themed according to subject that bring teachers, students and parents together to learn and have fun.
  • Extracurricular enrichment. With neighborhood clean-ups to celebrate Earth Day, visits to the pumpkin patch to learn about biology and ecology, Career Days, concerts, and lots of other activities, a MACS education is full of unique opportunities for students to learn and have fun.
  • Technology integration. Our high-tech school environment includes computers in every classroom, laptops for every middle school student, a wireless facility and Mobile iPad and notebook labs. Students with an extra interest in technology can join our Robotics Team.