mydc-macs_buildingThe Manchester Academic Charter School has operated as an independent charter school since 1998, with strong roots in the Manchester community reaching back over 40 years.

School founders Dr. Betty and Rev. James Robinson established the Manchester Youth Development Center (MYDC) in 1968 to serve the needs of Manchester’s large population of children and youth. They expanded their focus to early childhood in 1979 with the opening of the Training Wheels community preschool, and again in the early 1990s, when they founded a small, community-centered, private elementary school located within MYDC.

In 1998, the Pittsburgh Board of Education granted a charter to the Manchester Academic School, one of the first in the region. Today, MACS, MYDC and Training Wheels operate in a shared facility, providing high-quality education and enrichment to children from early childhood through middle school. MACS serves over 250 children from the Northside and communities throughout Allegheny County.